Harvey School For The Gifted is a TV show aired on Star TV every Friday at 7:0



0am and 9:11am. It currently has two seasons.


The series follows five year old Sabrina Little and her biggy Misty Little. It is Sabrina's first day of Grade Primary at Harvey School For The Gifted (in the pilot), and she goes on adventures everyday in the school with her classmates. Each episode ends when Misty walks to the school and tells Sabrina it is time to go, and they walk out the school while everyone goes on the bus.

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  • Sabrina Little: The pookie the series centers on. Sabrina is warmhearted, socialable and sharp. She is five years old and has a strong bond with Misty, her older sister.
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  • Avril Shapiro: Avril is Sabrina's best friend. She is very charismatic and has an interest in travelling. She is from Australia, and is very loving. She is also a cheerleader.
  • Lilly Reynolds:
  • Luke and Soren Calvio: