(insert name) is an animated show that is based off Total Drama.

Idea, concept and rules

You guys probably never watched TD before so here's how it goes.

A certain number of people (changed every season, for the past few it was 13) are divided in two teams (except for TD World Tour, where there was three teams) and all of them live on the same island (except for Pahkitew Island (took place in a new island of the same name), TD Action (took place on a film set) and TD World Tour (took place in a plane)). Every three days there will be a challenge where everyone has to compete. The winning team usually gets a reward while the losing team votes someone out. The person who is voted out leaves the island by a teleportation device (so far there was a boat, car, catapult, toilet and a canon, but in WT you were pushed off the plane). After a few episodes (7 or 8) the two teams will merge and will all compete on their own, unless they partner up. Only one person will win this time, and the rest will go to the elimination area. People keep getting voted off and eventually only two people will be left. They compete in a special challenge together and the person that gets to the end of the race first wins a million dollars. But in TPI, the pookies that got voted off vote who wins the million dollars and the winner gets a party.


Season 1

The rampaging rhinos

Name Gender Strengths Flaws
Darcy Varner F Smart and stratiegic mind, has a trusting smile Her backstabbing and turning on her friends might lead to her downfall
Angie  6 Beakyville 11th
Thomas Mycoskie 8 Winter Valley 4th
Leslie Maxson 6 Penguin Tropicals 7th
Max Bryant 8 Club Penguin Island 12th
Riyiki Miyamae 9 Penguin City 13th
Alecksander Wang 6 Shiver City 6th
Margarita Martinez 8 Whiteland 14th
Amy Bowman 6 New Penguin City 10th
Noah Barsky 8 Whiteland 9th
Alya Beachboard 6 Penguin City 5th
Eliza Beachy 9 Penguin Tropicals 3rd
Elena Johnson 8 New Penguin City 1st/2nd, runner up in Max's ending
Max Earvin 7 Fandom City 1st/2nd, runner up in Elena's ending